Rogers PTO is offering one (1) Prosper ISD Level and (2) Family Levels

  • $15 Prosper ISD Employee**

  • $25 Family Membership

  • $75 No Contact Membership***

*Check out the latest photos from our Annual Tailgate Party on Events & News page

**Employee must have a email address

***No Contact - PTO will not send any communication for volunteering or assistance for the year

All membership funds will go towards needs for the students, faculty and school at the discretion of the PTO Executive Board and the school Principal. Student party money will go directly towards any student event/activity hosted by PTO. 

Please complete the Google Form below.  This form will request parent/guardian information and student information.  Once you have submitted the form, please click on the PayPal link that will take you to the level selection and party donations.  There is a list of set amounts for Family +1, 2, 3 and Faculty +1, 2, 3, for party donation money.  ($15 per student)

Membership Google Form and Payment

Supporting the students of Rogers Middle School!

Throughout the school year, PTO will host several events for the students such as Tailgate* and special assemblies.   

Thank you for your support!